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The easiest, quickest and smartest way to get your project online, looking good and working for you.

Bespoke websites and managed accounts.

We can give you a domain name; host, design, build and look after your website.

We’ll configure all your emails, online services and social media, too.

Let us be your online partner.

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Why Work With Pash Space?

Pash Space is the solution to your online project.

We’ll host your website, design it, manage it –

creating a solid foundation for you personally, your business or organisation, or your space online.

Here’s how:

Pash Space can be your personal space on the internet
You can pretty much choose any name you want
You can have pretty much any kind of website
You can choose to be in control
1. Get started by filling out our form
2. Watch your piece of Pash Space grow
3. We'll be there to update and manage everything
4. Succeed with your dreams

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How Much Is A Piece of Pash Space?

A minimum £100 Sterling will secure your place in the stars.

Beyond that you can set your own budget and plan your own program.

Or we can even do that for you – talk to us about the best deal for you.

£100 Example:

  • A fresh hosting account and domain name*.
  • The latest version of a WordPress CMS website.
  • Five hours configuring the style and contents of your website.
  • Submitting your website to Google and improving it’s search engine performance.

*You pay for the hosting and domain but we’ll sort everything out and advise you on anything you need to know. We work with a brilliant hosting company and we don’t add anything to their competitive prices. Their basic hosting package is £15 per year, for example.

£200 Example:

  • As above – plus:
  • A custom text-based logo.
  • Five more hours configuring the style and helping create and optimize the content.
  • Contact form configured and checked.
  • An analysis of your project, advanced SEO techniques and Google integration.
£300 Example:

  • As above – plus:
  • Some animation and original graphics.
  • Five more hours optimizing the code and improving the written content.
  • Legal pages and functions such as Terms & Conditions and a cookies alert
  • Continued SEO improvement by creating and integrating social media accounts.
£400 Example:

  • As above – plus:
  • Further work on the website’s style, form and function.
  • Additional functions such as a Pop-Up promotional message, e-commerce facility or booking system.
  • Full quality control and web-stress tests.
£500 Example:

  • As above – plus:
  • Logo and branding implemented across all social media accounts and available for print.
  • Security and back-up plugins installed and tested.
  • A thorough run-down of tasks for you to manage the website yourself, everything explained and assistance available for 3 months.

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